New tabletop milling machine from Elektor: it’s up and going!

June 14, 2018 | 10:11
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A few weeks ago we offered you a preview of our new 3-axis CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling machine, under review at Elektor Labs.

3-axis CNC tabletop milling machine

Here are three representative tests of the machine with three different materials. In order: plywood and Plexiglas® (officially: transparent extruded polymethylmethacrylate), both 5 mm thick, with the speed regulated at 18,000 RPM and the same movement speeds, and finally aluminium, or more precisely 6082 alloy, of 6 mm thickness, with the settings suitably lower. And all without cooling!

Details of the milling parameters are given on the video, along with the actual time taken for each operation.

The finish on the plywood gear shown in the photograph opposite was achieved by a light manual sanding with fine sandpaper.

Preloaded bearings and alloys

CNC-Elektor-Labs linear guide system pillow blockFurther tests are foreseen with new preloaded linear guides, the supply of which is awaited from Igus. Note that we are not expecting any improvement in the performance, which is already quite satisfactory, but the use of preloaded guides will make user assembly of the kit significantly easier. No adjustment: you put it together, that’s it. We’ll tell you more about this soon.

Our experience shows that the choice of aluminium alloy is crucial to the quality of the results. Whether or not we can avoid using cooling is certainly not a minor detail. We are still to do tests with brass. We will report back soon on all of this in an article now being prepared for ElektorLabs Magazine. Patience please, it’s due for release in edition 6/2018 (November & December).

This powerful tool will soon be offered in kit form by Elektor Labs in our Store and online. Watch this space…
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