With the Push for KiCad plugin by AISLER you can now order a PCB directly from within KiCad 6* with only a few mouse clicks. No more plotting board files, zipping them up without forgetting one and uploading the archive to a PCB pooling service. This plugin takes care of everything. It collects the board manufacturing data and exports it to the Aisler website where it is processed and prepared for ordering on the fly. You can correct mistakes, of course, and the website even keeps track of your board revisions.

In this video Mathias shows you how to turn the KiCad 6 schematic of a discrete switch-mode power supply into a PCB and then orders it using the AISLER plug-in.

AISLER Voltera PCB Printer Contest

Want to win a Voltera V-One Desktop PCB Printer? Participating is simple. Order your first PCB now at AISLER.net (you get a €30 discount as well!) for a chance to win this super-duper PCB printer.

*KiCad version 6 or higher is required as older versions do not have the new Plugin and Content Manager.