Not sure if it’s a bid to counteract to some of the negative attention that befell Belgium over the past few weeks, nanoelectronics research centre imec and start-up company UEST have started volume production of a smart bracelet aimed to help the elderly stay in contact with their relatives and personal aids — immediately, anytime and anywhere.

The Zembro bracelet is UEST’s first commercial product. After a market-testing trial batch sold out last April 2015, the product is being delivered since the beginning of November.

Zembro’s functionality and ergonomics fit one of Wearable Technology’s promises: enabling people to stay out of hospital or nursing homes and live independently as long as feasible. Zembro’s smart watch functions intuitively, with a clear and easy-to-understand human interface. Without visible buttons, it functions immediately after charging the battery.

Zembro not only incorporates a cellphone with one-touch finger activation, but also GPS location tracking and smart algorithms to autonomously detect emergency situations. On a fully-charged battery, Zembro is claimed to last more than 10 days on 24/7 use. Being IP67 waterproof it can be worn indoors as well as outdoors.

Besides integrating off-the-shelf electronic components and algorithms, imec’s contribution to Zembro comprised developing the firmware as well as the customized waterproof enclosure. Imec also manufactured the first set of devices at its Taiwan facility. Imec says its technology assessment process supports the selection of the most suitable technology, reducing risks associated with market entry, and its intellectual property (IP) creation services enable start-ups to secure their IP positioning.

A Zembro may not be the most fortuitously chosen Xmas present but as I see it a bracelet like that should be okay for certain under-60s too even including CEOs.