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Personal message from Jan Buiting, Elektor Editor since 1985

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Personal message from Jan Buiting, Elektor Editor since 1985
Personal message from Jan Buiting, Elektor Editor since 1985

Dear electronics friend,


despite the gloom and doom around us 2011 has been a fantastic year in more ways than one. Elektor OUTLET has been a resounding success, the same for the Elektor Live! event last November, and of course our year-long celebration of 50 years in existence as a dynamic publishing house. It was launched in 1961 by unstoppable electronics enthusiasts like you, me, designers and even the odd Elektor support or sales staff member you may have phoned or emailed with the other day. If Elektor is likened to a living body, I’d say it breathes electronics.


Every day, members from across the globe join the Elektor community. In fact you are in a network of about 200,000 people active in 80 countries in 10 languages. Thanks to this continuous expansion we are able to up the frequency of special offers with cut-rate prices. You’re welcome, as you may well like to resort to hands-on electronics from time to time to take your mind off “all things finance and crisis”.


I write to share some of the positive feelings about the past year with you by offering you Elektor’s Components Database 6 on CD-ROM at a whopping 20 per cent discount. You pay £19.90 instead of £24.90.The ECD gives you easy access to design data for over 70,000 components! Ordering is easy, just visit www.elektor.com/ecd.


No matter if you take up my offer or not, please accept my sincerest wishes for the Festive Season and an awesome start of 2012 – may it be packed with electronics!




Jan Buiting


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