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PIC32 Boards Mix Digital Audio

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
PIC32 Boards Mix Digital Audio
PIC32 Boards Mix Digital Audio

Microchip Technology has released two new digital audio mixer boards, dubbed DM320014 and DM320413, built around a 32-bit PIC microcontroller. The DM320014 is a USB digital audio accessory board with standard USB 2.0 Mini-B connectors, while the DM320413 is designed to mate with Apple portable devices.


The boards are designed for easy integration of digital and analogue audio into target applications. Key features include interfaces for digital audio via USB Mini-B or Apple iOS interface, line-in and microphone-in ports for convenient connection to analogue audio sources such as microphones or instrument pickups, and line-out and headphone out ports. The boards also support the mixing of digital and analogue audio, utilizing the PIC32’s advanced processing capabilities.


The two new boards feature 66 DMIPS of CPU performance, up to 128 KB flash, 32 KB RAM, USB, I²S interfaces, and an advanced clocking scheme that provides the signals needed for an external codec while eliminating the need for a codec with a built-in PLL. In addition, the MCUs provide an 8-bit Parallel Master Port (handy for interfacing to an LCD), capacitive touch technology support, and numerous other general-purpose features.


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