In this time when everything has to be "connected," an electronics technician would also like to have a multimeter that transmits the measurement data wirelessly to a phone or tablet. That goes fine with a meter that is equipped with Bluetooth functionality and an accompanying app. Here we test the new Owon OW18E Bluetooth Multimeter, which offers many functions and high accuracy for a modest price.

The OW18 series is the most current series of hand multimeters from Owon. This initially consisted of the OW18A and OW18B, but the OW18D and OW18E have been added for some time. These offer greater accuracy compared to the A and B versions and a display with a higher resolution (4 ½ compared to 5 5/6 digit). Just like the B version, the E version in this series is also equipped with Bluetooth.

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OW18E Bluetooth Multimeter Hardware

The OW18E Bluetooth Multimeter looks the same as all meters in this series. The fairly large housing feels sturdy, and it is equipped with a blue (removable) protective sleeve made of soft plastic. The rotary switch works quite smoothly. The large display shows the value in four digits with suppressed 1, so the maximum reading is 19999. Surrounding it are various indicators that are visible depending on the setting. The display is quite easy to read, only viewed from above, the contrast decreases quickly. At the back, there is a folding support and the battery compartment for a 9-V battery. There are four push buttons for switching to the second function at a switch position, for manually setting the range, for the display illumination, for Bluetooth, hold, relative and duty cycle.

The OW18E Bluetooth Multimeter comes with a set of test leads with associated crocodile clips, a cable with a (K-type) temperature sensor, battery, manual, specification sheet, a card with instructions for downloading the software and finally a screwdriver for opening the battery compartment or housing
Inside the Owon OW18E Bluetooth Multimeter
Inside the OW18E's box

Measurement Options

The number of measurement options is quite large. The most commonly used ranges are of course V and A, with AC voltages using True-RMS measurement. There is an extra sensitive V-range of 20/200 mV and an extra sensitive A-range of 200 µA. It is also striking that up to 20 A can be measured (albeit max. 10 s!), which is often only 10 A for other meters.