Firing it up

The time to assemble the complete kit took me less than 15 minutes. The volume control knob also incorporates the on/off switch so I adjusted the volume and heard a tone indicating that it was working. The unit powers up in a default setting giving medium sensitivity and standard mode. On the right of the display a scale labeled ‘Depth’ was showing zero, indicating that a metallic object was very close to the search coil. Looking down at the search coil resting on the thick carpet I thought this was a bit puzzling before it dawned on me that the floor beneath the carpet is actually made from concrete with a steel reinforcement mesh.
With any new piece of equipment it’s natural to want to twiddle all the knobs switches without recourse to the manual. Unless you are a seasoned detectorist you will probably not be able to make the necessary adjustments to get the best performance from the detector.
The display at first power up.
In this case it pays to spend a few minutes reading the tips and tricks given in the manual. All operating details are described there so it makes no sense to repeat them here. The detector can be adjusted to operate in several detection modes and threshold levels depending on the composition of the items you are searching for.  A 1/4 " jack socket is provided for headphones.
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