Arduino Sand Clock: plotting time in sand

October 31, 2016 | 00:00
Acrylic housing with shiny flame polished edges !
Built around an Arduino Uno, this cool gadget displays the current time of the day, not by showing digits or changing the relative position of a pair of hour and minute hands, but by plotting four digits into a layer of sand. After an adjustable delay two vibration motors flatten out the sand layer before the write cycle begins again.

Three miniature servo motors control the arms of  a pantograph assembly. Mechanical parts of the Sand Clock (a refined project based on an original idea from our friends at Make Magazine) mainly consist of pieces of acrylic sheet, a material readily available and well suited for laser cutting. The use of metal gear servo motors provides high accuracy with acceptable slack.

Make & Elektor
The idea for this project originated from our friends at the German Make Magazine who in turn were inspired by the plot clock from FabLab Nuremberg. It was selected in our first ever joint (Make & Elektor) hardware meeting to become one of the first projects to be refined and built into a kit by Elektor Labs. The result will be published in Elektor Magazine edition 1/2017 (January & February).

Watch the project demo'd live at electronica München 2016, November 8 – 11, Booth EOE 200, Entry East.
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