Back in 2016 Elektor introduced ScanaQuad Logic Analyzers to its readers: tiny, low cost, but extremely powerful logic analyzers from Ikalogic, France. Today, we were happy to hear the company announcing that a new software release - ScanaStudio V3 - brings even more features to your logic analyzer.
ScanaStudio V3 is not only said to be more stable, but also facilitates many ways of digging into captured signals, via raw data view, HEX view, and packet view. Search and filtering features have been enhanced to allow you to quickly pinpoint crucial parts of a digital signal. A new feature called “signal overlay” now lets you modify captured signals and generate them anew - all with zero coding effort.
An integrated IDE lets you write your own (Java) scripts to decode captured data. The existing library of 30+ open-source decoders is sure to act as a great source of inspiration. Among the decoders included you'll find the most common ones, like I2C, SPI, UART, 1-Wire, CAN, LIN etc... .
ScanaStudio’s user interface was redesigned to be super intuitive. A bottom status bar gives you an instant insight into captured signals and device status. The menu on the left permits access to all features in a nicely categorized layout.
The new version also has a lot of updates, ensuring that the ScanaStudio interface remains designed to be solid ground for all future evolutions.

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