Ikalogic is proud to announce their new series of Logic analyzers and digital pattern generators called ScanaQuad. With 4 channels that can be configured as digital inputs or outputs and a ±35V input protection, you're ready to take next debug challenges. ScanaQuad is perfectly adapted to the analysis of serial protocols like UART, I2C, SPI, 1-Wire, CAN, LIN and more. Software Hex-view and Packet-View provides quick insight into your communication protocol transactions.

ScanaQuad offers advanced trigger options, allowing you to target your capture on a very specific instant like an acknowledged I2C address or a UART data byte. It is even possible to design your own trigger sequence for a proprietary communication protocol.

You can also precisely control the digital pattern generator: You may adjust the output voltage level, and you may even define “open-drain” outputs. What makes ScanaQuad even more unique is its ability to generate and capture signals simultaneously. Imagine generating I2C patterns and capturing the response of a device, all with a few mouse clicks.

Covering sampling frequencies ranging from 25 MHz to 200 MHz, and with a memory depth of up to 4 Million points per channel, ScanaQuad series of logic analyzers is designed to assist you debugging your embedded applications and digital circuits. They come at an incredibly low price tag, starting from 69€ (Excl. Taxes).

More information on Ikalogic.com