Should we be afraid of NXP?

December 8, 2015 | 09:46
Should we be afraid of NXP?
Should we be afraid of NXP?
As of today, we are now the world leader in identification...” And this is just the beginning, the press release continues.

The merger joins Freescale's strength in secure embedded processing with NXP's leadership in security and connectivity, the ultimate goal being the creation of an ever-increasing amount of Total Solutions. NXP doesn't hide its ambition to become the world leader in secure connections — and the supporting infrastructure — for what they call the smarter world.

Security and identification all in the hands of one giant company, doesn't that scare you?

We are the new NXP
We are your friend, you can trust us. Uh oh... This propaganda video reminded me of those science fiction movies where a virus or robot breaks loose and sets out to destroy the world. Lets hope the Expandables keep an eye on NXP. 
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