Starting today TRINAMIC Motion Control teams up with AISLER to make rapid, powerful prototyping accessible for everyone. This offering includes a free* TRINAMIC motion control IC when selected along with AISLER’s Precious Parts package.
The trend towards automation, including the recent surge in IoT applications, has shown that small motors are everywhere – and so is motion control. Finding the right solution for your specific requirements, however, can be challenging. Designing your prototype, testing it, making adjustments and testing it again takes time.
Proven motion controller ICs by TRINAMIC Motion Control offer plug-and-play solutions to minimize the resources needed for your application. But that’s just part of the solution if you need your own printed circuit board to place Trinamic’s chips on – which is why Trinamic teams up with AISLER, ensuring a rapid, powerful prototyping for everyone.

First of all, ordering a set of circuit boards from a manufacturer can be a complex process, filling in form after form and seeing the price rise with each add-on you select. That is, once you’ve found a manufacturer that offers small-scale prototyping. After all, most PCB manufacturers are interested in high-volume production.
  Second, getting all the right parts together is a tedious task that often takes more time than you’d like. Resistors, ICs, anything you need to turn your very own PCB in a working component. On top of that, each company has its own product obsolescence policy and by the time you’ve finished your prototype, the parts needed might be out of production.

Lastly, receiving your own prototype is great, but it’s even better if you can start building immediately. Proper labels depicting the position of the part on your board will speed things up significantly. But soldering the SMD components by hand takes time – which is where the PCB stencil comes into play. This is not a plastic stencil as you might expect to get for the competitive price AISLER handles, but a durable, 120µm stainless steel stencil with an electro-polished finish.
With AISLER as a one-stop-shop offering everything you need to get your electronics project built and shipped right to your doorstep within 8 business days worldwide, everybody can build their own prototype within days. After uploading the PCB design to AISLER, you’ll even be updated on each component’s availability. And TRINAMIC will sponsor your motion control IC, if you select it as part of your design.*
Each IC developed by Trinamic comes with all the necessary information including proven reference designs, CAD symbols and sample code that you are free to use as the foundation for your own design. Depending on which chip you’re using, CoolStep™, StealthChop™, and other great features such as microstepping and ramping profiles can easily be activated using Trinamic’s own TMCL-IDE – an intuitive API that’s designed with ease-of-use in mind.
By partnering up, AISLER’s quick delivery cycles and Trinamic’s plug-and-play solutions shorten your time-to-market, allowing you to stay one step ahead of the rest.
*TRINAMIC Motion Control will sponsor the following chips when designed in your prototype via AISLER: TMC2100-LA, TMC2130-LA, TMC2130-TA, TMC5130-TA, TMC5041-LA, TMC389-LA, TMC2100-TA, TMC4361A-LA, TMC4330A-LA, TMC4331A-LA, TMC2224-LA, TMC2208-LA, TMC2041-LA, TMC5072-LA.
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