If you’re a bit of a handyman, you are surely familiar with the laser distance meters from Leica, Bosch and other manufacturers. These meters are amazingly accurate and very convenient to use. Nevertheless, a Chinese startup has decided to take a run at the laser distance meter market through a Kickstarter campaign.
According to the developers behind the small company Mileseey, the dTAPE 5 can do a lot more than an ordinary laser distance meter. It is very compact, outfitted with a touchscreen, and equipped with Bluetooth for wireless communication with a smartphone. The matching app for iPhone or Android devices can convert measurement data into a site plan. Along with standard length measurements, the device can calculate areas and make triangular measurements, and the T version can also measure angles.
Mileseey has already booked nearly $90,000 in pledges, nine times the target amount. The dTAPE is available in several different versions. The attractive dTAPE 5T model with a range of 20 m, Bluetooth and angle measurement is priced at just $49.