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Sub 100 euro miniature track & trace device

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Sub 100 euro miniature track & trace device
Sub 100 euro miniature track & trace device

The TraceME GPRS/GPS modules from KCS enable you to remotely track & trace a variety of objects, including cars, trucks, containers or vessels. Its small, lightweight aluminium design makes it easy to install and together with the extended position logging the device is ideal for use in fleet management, anti-theft and M2M applications.


The numerous I/Os available allow monitoring and control of a range of external hardware, like cameras and iButtons™.


  • Key features

  • Extremely small and lightweight, ruggedized aluminium enclosure

  • Wide operating temperature range

  • Quad-band for worldwide coverage

  • HDSPA/UMTS/3G Connectivity

  • Ultra low power consumption, standalone operation

  • up to 10 years possible

  • Optional internal Li-ion battery

  • Excellent GPS accuracy

  • Multiple watchdog levels for maximum stability

  • Versatile interfacing: Digital+Analog, Serial (3V / RS232), iButton/1-Wire™, Cameras, LCD display + keypad, Sensors, Digital Tachograph, passive/active RFID and many more

  • Remote configurable to fit any job

  • Configuration can be both Server and Event driven, 300+ different events

  • Field upgradeable firmware via GPRS

  • Supports backup server configuration

  • User definable SMS commands

  • Distance measurement for trip / ODO

  • 1 year full warranty


Equipped with a state-of-the-art GPS receiver, the KCS TraceME Module provides reliable and accurate navigational data.


All communication is handled rapidly and effectively by a GPRS/GSM modem (QUAD band version) through a GPRS network or even UMTS/HSDPA with the Rev8-HSDPA unit.


In areas without network coverage, position-data and events are stored in memory (up to 500,000 positions). As soon as communication is restored, all information can be transmitted. A unique feature is the user-configuration menu, which controls events like sending position-information and switching of external hardware.


All of the necessary server-side scripts to process and store data from the TraceME units are available, free of charge.


If you do not want to host data and maps yourself, you can use the hosting services of one of KCS’ many partner companies.



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