Summer Deal: £20 off DVD Elektor 1990 - 1999

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Summer Deal: £20 off DVD Elektor 1990 - 1999
Summer Deal: £20 off DVD Elektor 1990 - 1999

Elektor started with digital print files in 1995 and that’s also the year the first annual CD-ROM appeared, enabling readers to browse Elektor on a PC, produce hard copy of their favourite articles, and search for keywords, all using a purpose designed shell program. Later year volume CD-ROMs employed the Adobe pdf format which greatly simplified the compilation and production of CD-ROMs and they have been around now for 17 years without fail.


However, many readers expressed a desire for digital versions of Elektor articles published in 1990, 1992, 1993 and 1994 and the idea arose to bundle the entire 90’s decennium on single DVD. The product has proved exceedingly popular and for those who have been hesitating so far to buy one we say: do it now. This week's summer deal is an offer you can’t refuse!


Order your copy before 28 August 2012 and take advantage of no less than £20 discount! You pay only £49.


The more than 2,100 articles are stored on the DVD in pdf format under a simple html menu structure for ease of installation and use. As a bonus, the 1990-1999 DVD also contains Elektor's Datasheet Collections Volumes 1 though 5.

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