Take this quiz and identify your biases towards or against marketing

April 7, 2017 | 00:00
If you get 6 out of 6 on this quiz, you have either already watched the following elektor.TV video, or you needn’t watch it! In this video Rebecca Geier details the steps of a marketing methodology to generate awareness and demand in B2B technical markets. Rebecca was named by The Wall Street Journal editors among the Ten Most Innovative Entrepreneurs in America.  
  • Engineers are Different Than the Rest of the Human Population — Wrong  |  ​True
  • Engineers trust trade publication websites more than search engines and vendor websites — Wrong  |  True
  • 8 out of 10 engineers in Europe are likely to provide work email address on a lead form — Wrong  |  ​True
  • About his purchase decisions, one of two European engineers indicates 60% or more occurs online — Wrong  |  ​True
  • When searching online, Engineers in Europe commonly go 3 pages deep in the results —  Wrong  |  ​True
  • A company’s website has much greater impact on the perceptions of older engineers — Wrong  |  ​True

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