TDK Corporation has added two new piezo actuators to its range of PowerHap piezo actuators for haptic feedback. The size of the 0904H014V060 actuator is 9 x 3.75 x 1.4 mm and the 1204H018V060 is 12 x 4 x 1.8 mm. At the maximum operating voltage of 60 V, they are able to accelerate a mass of 100 grams at 3.3 g (pk) or 5 g (pk) with maximum deflection of 15 µm or 27 µm, respectively.

The compact PowerHap actuators can achieve high acceleration rates and produce large forces while offering a response time of less than one millisecond. A key feature is the low energy consumption of only 0.35 mJ or 0.6 mJ per feedback event. By making use of the reverse-piezo effect they can also be used to sense physical stress.

The PowerHap actuators will typically be used in the design of smartphones, tablets, game consoles, household appliances, VR/AR equipment, digitizers and handheld medical devices.