Screen capture of the overview of the electrical
circuits of a Tesla model 3 ‘skinned’ in a garage.
The author of this episode of Elektor.TV writes that the information given is all from his intense study of the internal and external electrical systems of a Tesla Model 3. For that, he did what all curious DIYers do – he took it apart to find out how it works!

In his workshop, he removed the bodywork and all the awkward bits for his examination of the Model 3. The he put it all back together, so that it worked, and he filmed it.

Video exploring the exploded view in the garage

Barring any error on my part, this must be only the 1st or 2nd time that cars have featured in these columns. I’m curious on most subjects, but certainly not a car enthusiast. Be they electric or electronic, all Tesla models included. If it doesn’t permit time travel, the car is a subject on which I can remain quiet for hours.

I’m not known for being a follower either of Elon Musk himself or of his type of entrepreneur. I am unmoved by the fascination that he seems to induce in many of his contemporaries. So when I stumbled, guided here by the advice of a colleague, on this series of garage videos from which the episode below is extracted, I felt a pressing need to share this link with the readers of Elektor. Not from any derision or critical angle, but from sincere enthusiasm!

Empirical method

This video does not shine because of its filming technique or editing, quite the contrary. Neither is it an example of great originality or creative narration. But I’m sure that like me and many others, you’ll be glued to the screen up to the end (it lasts around 13 minutes).

It’s not for me to judge for myself the clever innovations of the M3 model, the beauty of the techniques used or the neat assembly. Just view this informative video as an example of generous sharing of information from one man to another.

The magic of the strip-tease does the rest. Although we’re not travelling in time, this video does allow us to be in another dimension for a quarter of an hour.