The SMARTSCOPE is world’s first 100MS/s open source pocket-sized USB-oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer for smartphone, tablet and PC, with OS X, Linux, Windows, Android and iOS (jailbroken) compatibility. Developer Riemer Grootjans talks about the innovative design of the SmartScope, the multi-platform user interface and the many measuring capabilities.
  • Get mobile: take it on the road, thanks to the single-cable connectivity.
  • Intuitive: pointing, pinching and swiping replaces the clunky interfaces of old scopes.
  • Develop your digital interfaces using the 100MS/s logic analyzer.
  • Design any signal you want using Excel, then upload it to the built-in Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG).
  • Capture the voltage at any point of your design at 100 million times each second.