Satellite communication, radar and the latest mobile communication system work at frequency bands in the microwave range. The design engineers have to deal with many challenges during the development work in this area. In order to conquer these, high-performance measurement technology is required. The newly introduced instruments from Siglent support the X- und K-band measurements up to 26.5 GHz. The two instruments build together a powerful team, which can help finding and solving issues quickly. As a result, the engineering work can be finished in time.

Siglent officially announces the release of two new members of its performance Series. First, there is the SSA5000A spectrum analyzer and second, the SSG5000A RF/MW signal generator. These two new products expand Siglents RF portfolio to frequencies over 20 GHz.
Siglent SSA5000A
The SSA5000A spectrum analyzer
The SSA5000A spectrum analyzer series include two models that provide fast spectrum analysis from 9 kHz to 13.6 or 26.5 GHz, a DANL of -165 dBm/Hz, a low phase noise of 105 dBc/Hz and feature a big 12-inch TouchScreen. These Analyzers are ideal to be used in communications and the IoT industry. The SSA5000A fit also well for RF component and transmitter evaluation. The options analog and digital modulation analysis (AMA / DMA) enable common analog (AM, FM) and digital (ASK, FSK, PSK, MSK, QAM) demodulation and analysis. These help to speed up transmission debugging and troubleshooting. It intuitively measures EVM, other transmission quality factors and features Eye-diagram and constellation graphing modes.

The SSA5000A can also capture intermittent signals using the optional real time (RTSA) mode. This feature has an analysis bandwidth up to 40 MHz and is built to make transmission analysis of common protocols like Bluetooth and WLAN testing at IoT devices easier. The optional EMI feature delivers efficient interference and electromagnetic pre-compliance measurements. The platform is designed with expansion in mind, therefore bandwidth and functions can be upgraded later after the purchase.  

The new SSG5000A RF/MW signal generator can output clean sine waves up to 20 GHz. The spectral purity, low phase noise of -120 dBc/Hz and power control make it ideal for the use as a high frequency LO in many applications like radar, quantum physics and RF component verification. Communication modules can also be tested using the SSG5000A as the LO source combined with the Siglent SSG5000X-V vector signal generator as a baseband generator. For faster testing, the SSG5000A also provides both frequency and level sweep functions. Pulse signal generation is standard on the unit and it can control common third-party USB power sensors for cable loss compensated sourcing.
Siglent SSG5000A
The SSG5000A RF/MW signal generator