TI Analog System Lab Kit PRO now available from Elektor

November 24, 2015 | 07:22
Analog System Lab Kit PRO
Analog System Lab Kit PRO
Elektor is excited to bring you the new Analog System Lab Kit PRO from Texas Instruments! This cost efficient platform is specifically designed for engineering students and enthusiasts to perform analog lab experiments. When using the ASLK PRO you can create almost any analog system using general purpose ICs, such as opamps and analog multipliers.

ASLK PRO comes with three general-purpose operational amplifiers (type TL082) and three wide-bandwidth precision analog multipliers (type MPY634). We also included two DAC7821 12-bit parallel-input multiplying digital-to-analog converters, a TPS40200 wide-input non-synchronous buck-type DC/DC controller, and a TPS7250 low dropout regulator. A portion of ASLK PRO is left for general-purpose prototyping which is great for mini-projects.

This Lab Kit is the best tool for students beginning to master analog engineering! The board contains ten basic groups of analog components with carefully planned silkscreen markings, and components are drawn to match those you are used to in class. ASLK PRO has everything you need to get started, including an easy-to-follow, full-color manual which walks you through 14 practical lab exercises, building your knowledge in a fun and interactive way while preparing you to start your own independent projects!

In the first part of the ASLK PRO manual, “Learning the Basics,” students are introduced to the building blocks of analog systems. In the second part, “Building Analog Systems,” integrators and differentiators are discussed and the analog comparator, a mixed-mode device, is explained in detail.

With the ASLK PRO package, you will have everything you need to start right away! The package contains: a damage-resistant protective box, the ASLK PRO board in an antistatic bag, the course manual, schematic and graph paper books, wire jumpers, transistors, and diodes.

The components included in this board are high-quality, chosen to withstand thousands of hours of design and experimentation, so students year after year can learn and master analog engineering on a single ASLK PRO. If you want to begin your exploration of the fascinating field of analog system design, order the instructive ASLK PRO today!
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