Texas Instruments has presented the first step-down converter for powering low-voltage circuits from a 12 V supply rail with a package so small that it achieves a current density of more than 50 A/cm³ – four times as much as all other presently available 12 V converters.
The TPS54A20 features a unique two-phase series capacitor DC/DC buck topology that merges a switched-capacitor circuit with a multiphase buck converter. This combination ensures efficient operation at high switching frequencies and makes the overall circuit up to seven times smaller than conventional converters.
The unique topology of the TPS54A20 enables high-frequency operation at up to 5 MHz per phase without using special magnetic materials or semiconductor devices. The input voltage range is 8 to 14 V, and the output voltage adjustment range is 0.5 to 2 V. The rated switching frequency range is 4 to 10 MHz. The IC is supplied in a thermally optimized 20-pin HotRod VQFN package measuring just 3.5x4x1 mm.