It's been a busy few weeks for our friends at Raspberry Pi, from a huge Raspberry Pi Pico promotion at Embedded World 2022 to the June 30 launch of the Raspberry Pi Pico W. Check out Mathias Claussen's recent chat with Eben Upton.


25,000 Raspberry Pi Picos at EW22

Raspberry Pi knows how to put smiles on the faces of embedded systems engineers and high-tech innovators. While many companies handed out the usual freebies (e.g., datasheets and press releases) to attendees at Embedded World 2022, Raspberry Pi went big by handing out thousands of Raspberry Pi Pico boards.

"The good news that we brought to the show here we've got 25,000 Raspberry Pi Pico boards, each of which has a Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller on it."

Imagine the excitement of being handed a Pico when you were just expecting your two-hundredth datasheet. Now that is a truly epic addition to anyone's swag bag. 
Raspberry Pi Pico embedded world
Mathias was lucky enough to grab one of the 25,000 RP2040s!
Elektor has been covering the Pico and RP2040 since the initial launch. Here are some helpful resources:

Upton's Thoughts on MCU Availability

The global chip crisis has affected us all, from consumers of everyday appliances to blue-chip manufacturers looking to build tomorrow's hottest technologies. When Claussen asked Upton about the state of the market and Raspberry Pi's position, the message was clear.

"Really the message we're bringing to embedded world this year is that, in this year of shortages, we have microcontrollers they are performant, they're cost effective, and most importantly they're available," Upton explained. 

Watch the full interview for additional details.