Control your various DMX fixtures using a PC with USB interface and included "DMX Light Player" software!  
Write your own software with the provided DLL.
Test your gear with the stand alone test function which outputs all 512 channels at a time, with adjustable levels.

This interface is supplied as an easy to assemble kit requiring some soldering skills.


This unit can control DMX fixtures using a PC and USB interface
Test software and "DMX Light Player" software is included, a DLL is provided to write your own software
Furthermore there is a stand-alone test function that outputs all 512 channels at a time, with adjustable levels

Kit includes:
  ◦ Nice enclosure
  ◦ USB cable
  ◦ CD with: test software, DLL for own developments, free DMX light player

Connected and powered through USB
512 DMX channels with 256 levels each
3 pin XLR-DMX output connector
Windows 98SE or higher compatible
DLL included to write your own software
Optional 9V battery (for stand alone test mode)
• Fuse protection on DMX output
Dimensions: 106 x 101 x 44.5mm