Vishay announces new analog switches

December 18, 2016 | 11:19
Vishay announces new analog switches
Vishay announces new analog switches
Vishay Intertechnology has announced the replacement of various Vishay Siliconix analog switches by types with better characteristics and longer life. The existing devices use outdated silicon technology based on a fabrication process originating from the 1960s. Vishay is changing to devices fabricated with an advanced technology, ensuring that they are completely up to date in the coming years.

The new and improved family of analog switches and multiplexers announced by Vishay Siliconix uses a high-density 18 V process. Along with providing an upgrade path for users of current 12 V devices, this enables Vishay to develop new precision analog products for sensitive analog designs with higher complexity.

The key improvements in the new device family are increased supply voltage from 12 V to 16 V, lower leakage current, reduced parasitic capacitance and higher switching speeds. They are also more robust, with higher latch-up current and better ESD protection. For example, the new DG9408E and DG9409E – drop-in upgrades for the popular DG9408 and DG9409 – have a 20% lower switch-on resistance, 10% faster switching speed, 35% less parasitic capacitance, higher latch-up current up to 400 mA, and guaranteed ESD protection up to 2.5 kV.
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Vishay Datasheet for DG9408E, DG9409E
DG9408E, DG9409E product information 3.2 Ω, Fast Switching Speed, +12 V / +5 V / +3 V / ± 5 V, 4- / 8-Channel Analog Multiplexers
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