Volkswagen brings gesture control to e-Golf Touch

January 14, 2016 | 09:16
Volkswagen brings gesture control to e-Golf Touch
Volkswagen brings gesture control to e-Golf Touch
Volkswagen is planning to introduce the e-Golf Touch to the market as one of the first compact cars in the world with controls based on gesture control. This is what the company has announced at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas, USA. The new infotainment system is provided with a configurable 9.2-inch screen (1280 x 640 pixels), which uses interactive 'tiles' to set and choose driver preferences. Personalized settings can be stored in the cloud and can subsequently be recalled into other VW models. Personalization 2.0, according to VW.

Smartphone integration platforms such as MirrorLink, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay can also be shown on the home screen of VW’s Car-Net App-Connect interface – Media Control, Generation 3.0. Every passenger has access to the infotainment system via the WiFi-hotspot in the car and he or she can determine which music is playing and even operate the navigation system. Videos can also be streamed between various tablets.

Future add-ons could potentially order a Service assistant to change to winter tires when sustained low temperatures have been detected. A Charging assistant which will indicate the nearest charging station and the expected charging duration is of course indispensable in electric variants. The Parking Position shows the owner via an app on his smartphone where the car is parked and gives via Google Street View directions for a walking route to the car. A Calendar assistant can also be conceived, which will manage the availability of a shared company vehicle online with colleagues.

Oh yes, and if you have a clever garage, you can also park using your smartphone
or -watch

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