Our coupon or voucher codes can be used/redeemed in the online Elektor Stores at www.elektor.com (.de|.fr|.nl). The current batch of printed codes is valid until 01.06.2021, but an expiration date will always be communicated on or with your coupon or voucher. None of our vouchers or coupons can be traded in for cash. Also due to technical circumstances we cannot offer partial payment in our stores, so we encourage you to use your coupon / voucher in full with your first order.

Legal recourse is excluded.
Basic translations, please see below the FAQ.

FAQS about discounts and coupons

The general conditions for using discounts and coupons (e.g: giftcoupons, discountcoupons. valuecoupons) that are offered by Elektor International Media BV are always applicable. By using a coupon or discount you automatically agree to these conditions.The general discountconditions can be found here.

Please note:
Unless it has been explicitly agreed in writing otherwise, discounts and/or coupons cannot be combined with other discount offers or coupons. This is applicable even for customergroup discounts such as member-discounts.

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Occasionally, we offer discount coupons for professional or service purposes. Essentially, these coupons are codes that represent value for a customer and can be used in our webshop.

The value of a coupon can be absolute (measured in currency) or relative, for example in case of a discount percentage. Coupons can also benefit the customer by means of a promotion, like in the case of free shipping on an order.

Conditions apply to all our coupons. In most cases this is related to the number of times a coupon can be used. Also, there can be a limited timeframe or limited product range in which the specific coupon is valid.

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You can enter your coupon/voucher code in the shopping cart after you have selected the products that you wish to purchase. The value of your coupon is will immediately be applied to your order.

See below for the position of the field:

Important note: only apply the coupon when you are sure that you have all products in the shopping cart and are ready for the payment. This is important because in most cases, a coupon code is automatically deactivated after it is applied once. It can then only be reactivated by our customer service team.

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Conditions apply to all of our coupons. In most cases this is related to the number of times a coupon can be used. Also, there can be a limited timeframe or limited product range in which the specific coupon is valid. 

In most cases when a coupon is reported as not working, it is because it has already been applied. For obvious reasons, a coupon can in most cases only be applied once. In order to prevent misuse, our system is rather strict. Even when you have not yet fully completed your order but did leave the payment process, the coupon can become deactivated. Unfortunately, only our customer service team can help you further in such cases, by providing you with a new code.

So, make sure you only apply your coupon code when you are sure that you are ready for payment.

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In most cases, promotions and discounts cannot be combined. The same goes for coupon codes. Whenever possible, we try to offer our members their 10% member discount. In case a discount can be combined, the coupon will be processed first and sequentially the possible discount percentage is processed over the remaining amount. Unless explicitly mentioned, combining discounts is not possible. 

Note: our coupons do not hold residual value after application. In case the total amount of the order is smaller then the value of the coupon, the residual value expires after the coupon is used.


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*De voucher of coupon kan worden ingewisseld in de online Elektor Shop op www.elektor.nl(.com|.fr|.de).
Onze huidige serie gedrukte codes is geldig tot 01-06-2021. Een contante uitkering of gedeeltelijke betaling is helaas niet mogelijk. Rechtsmiddelen zijn uitgesloten.

*Der Code kann nur online im Elektor-Shop unter www.elektor.de (.com|.fr|.nl) eingelöst werden.
Unsere aktuelle Serie gedruckter Codes ist bis zum 01.06.2021 gültig. Eine Bar- oder Teilauszahlung ist nicht möglich. Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen.

Conditions de participation
*Le code est valable uniquement en ligne dans l'Elektor Shop sur www.elektor.fr(.com|.de|.nl).
Le code est applicable jusqu'au 01.06.2021. Un paiement comptant ou partiel n'est pas possible. Tout recours judiciaire est exclu.