There was a time when working on home automation projects meant committing to a specific ecosystem. But with the recent introduction of Matter — an open-source protocol that enables seamless communication between IoT devices — you now have more options. Join Elektor, SparkFun, and Silicon Labs on August 24, 2023 (4:00 PM Berlin) for an insightful webinar, "A Matter of Collaboration: Developing with the Thing Plus Matter Board and Simplicity Studio."
In this webinar, Rob Reynolds (Creative Technologist, SparkFun) joins Clemens Valens to demonstrate how to develop a small, Matter-compatible demo application using the innovative SparkFun Thing Plus Matter Development Board and the powerful Simplicity Studio IDE. Additionally, we have some great news, Matt Maupin (Senior Product Marketing Manager, Silicon Labs) will also join to take questions about Matter. This will make the webinar a true 'Matter of Collaboration'!

Get to Know Matter: Webinar Topics

  • Understanding the paradigm shift: Learn how Matter is revolutionizing the IoT landscape by enabling seamless communication between IoT devices.
  • Breaking free from ecosystem limitations: Discover how to develop IoT applications without being bound to a specific ecosystem thanks to Matter's interoperability.
  • Exploring the Thing Plus Matter Board: Learn about the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter Development Board and its features, designed to facilitate Matter-compatible development.
  • Simplifying development with Simplicity Studio: Gain insights into Simplicity Studio IDE from Silicon Labs, a powerful tool that streamlines the development process for creating IoT applications.
  • Hands-on demonstration: Follow along as the presenters guide you through developing a small Matter-compatible demo application using the Thing Plus Matter Board and Simplicity Studio.
  • Unleashing creativity in IoT projects: Learn how to create projects that are both informative and entertaining.
  • Practical tips and best practices: Acquire valuable insights and practical tips from industry experts to enhance your IoT development workflow and optimize collaboration.
  • Interactive Q&A session: Engage directly with the presenters during the Q&A session to address any questions or concerns you may have about Matter, IoT development, or related topics.
Matter webinar - Simplicity Studio


We are excited to announce that we will be giving away 5 bundles of 1x SparkFun Thing Plus Matter Board + 1x Google Nest Hub to lucky webinar attendees. Participate in the webinar for a chance to win one of these cutting-edge boards and to accelerate your IoT development journey!
Thing Plus Matter Board
Refer to Rob Reynold's Elektor Mag article: "A Matter of Collaboration."

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