With the Maxim Integrated MAX78000FTHR, you can rapidly develop low-power, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Want to learn more about the MAX78000FTHR? The March 30, 2021 webinar, “MAX78000FTHR — A Platform for Innovation”, will cover the MAX78000FTHR's features, capabilities, performance and what it takes to start innovating on the platform.
The extreme efficiency of the MAX78000 at performing convolutional neural network (CNN) computations makes the MAX78000FTHR an ideal platform for developing small solution that can see, hear, and take intelligent action. Inference energy has been reduced to a point of irrelevance, and smart devices can now run for extended periods on small batteries. With several example datasets, models, application code and a complete toolchain available, developers with a MAX78000FTHR can begin a project right away.
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Time and Date
  • March 30, 2021 at 16.00 CEST
  • Language: English

The Speakers

Brian Rush (Maxim Integrated)
Brian Rush is a Senior Principle Member of the Technical Staff in the Micros, Security and Software Business Unit of Maxim Integrated. He contributes to technical marketing and customer engagement for the Maxim Integrated AI product line, and is the AI ecosystem champion, leading partner development and university outreach initiatives. Earlier roles include market exploration and technology assessment for the office of the CTO, as well as IC design, hardware applications and product definition in battery management, power management and enterprise storage.

Clemens Valens is the Technical Manager of Elektor Labs. He holds a BSc in Electronics and an MSc in Electronics and Information Technology. Valens started working for Elektor in 2008 as editor in chief of Elektor France, and he has also worked as an editor for Elektor UK/US and ElektorMagazine.com. He currently produces engineering tutorials and product reviews at Elektor.tv. In recent videos, Clemens covered the following topics and more: Arduino compiler optimizations, GitHub essentials, home automation, getting started with KiCad EDA, and several informative product reviews.

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