Get in-depth knowledge about the i.MX 93 applications processor family and join our next webinar with NXP on July 27, 2023 (4pm CEST). 

The webinar details how the i.MX 93 family delivers great performance with optimized power for edge processing applications. In-depth architecture review and a round table with demos show key SOM partner solutions built to meet your industrial and IoT needs. The discussion includes the key target applications for the i.MX 93 family and the features integrated to meet the market requirements.

What you will learn:

  • The unique features of i.MX 93 applications processors family and target markets
  • Key benefits of embedded SoM solutions and where i.MX 93 products fit in
  • Unique offerings of i.MX 93 SoC-based SoM solutions from NXP partners
  • How i.MX 93 applications processors are used to develop system-level applications in industrial and consumer IoT markets
  • Introduction to SW development for embedded SoM solutions using i.MX 93 applications processor with the Yocto Linux® BSP
The Cutting Edge i.MX 93 Applications Processors: From Architecture to Implementation

The Speakers

Sri Jagannathan (NXP)Srikanth Jagannathan is a lead Product Manager for the i.MX Family of Applications Processors at NXP Semiconductors. Prior to product management “Sri” held principal engineering roles in mixed-signal and analog design and verification. Srikanth holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas. 

Clemens Valens (Elektor)Clemens Valens is the Technical Manager of Elektor Labs. He holds a BSc in Electronics and an MSc in Electronics and Information Technology. Valens started working for Elektor in 2008 as editor in chief of Elektor France. He currently produces engineering tutorials and product reviews at

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The Cutting Edge i.MX 93 Applications Processors: From Architecture to Implementation