Fast track to the Internet for your project

Korean company WIZnet specialises in providing integrated solutions and modules for the hardware integration of Ethernet into embedded systems. The WIZnet chips are developed in such a way that the designers do not need to spend time learning about the nuances of the TPC/IP technology, but instead can focus on the quick implementation of the Internet connection.

Although wireless communication has been gaining more and more popularity, Ethernet network connections are still readily used in various applications, especially where economic considerations are important or there is a risk of interferences.

TME offers some of the smallest modules in the ioModule family, measuring just 20 mm x 24 mm x 2.6 mm. The connection to the target system can be done using 2.54 mm pitch pin headers (ordered separately) or the module can be soldered directly to the board thanks to the corresponding solder pads on the PCB’s edge. The modules are available with the W5100, W5500 and W6100 chips, which relieves the user of additional work of implementing these chips in a new project or makes it possible to add new functionalities easily to the existing projects. Communication with the microcontroller takes place via the SPI standard.
WIZnet miniature embedded network modules