What if the ultimate future fun night out would be taking your date and your self-driving car out for a spin? And I don’t mean going to a dark and quiet spot and make out, but something more sophisticated like driving around while enjoying the car’s in-vehicle infotainment system (IVI) and the other high-tech features it has to offer. An autonomous car would be perfect for such a romantic evening, roaming around all by itself while you and your partner, comfortably installed, watch a movie thanks to the car’s screen projecting and surround sound system.

The car would adapt its movements to the scenes: slow down when things are quiet, accelerate and brake, make quick turns when the story becomes bumpy. Let its motor roar for enhanced sound effects; control the full-color interior LED lighting; anticipate the geographic location according to the film’s upcoming mood. Watching Fast and Furious or Titanic this way would become a whole new experience. One could even imagine special circuits for such kind of amusement; instead of going to a drive-in movie theatre it would become a driving movie theatre.

The car’s high-speed, high-performance wireless features not only would allow you to choose any movie you like, or listen to whatever music you want, it would also guide you to a nice restaurant or bar to have dinner or grab a drink. Let your imagination run free, Bluetooth 5.0 with Angle of Arrival and Departure (AoA/AoD, not to confound with DoA) and 802.11mc are going to enable all sorts of new access, personalization and car location services.

And every evening more and more self-driving car-couples will take the road, roads that were never that crowded before at those hours. Traffic jams appear at unexpected hours in impossible places, and the connected cars with their limited artificial intelligence become aggressive, start honking, engage in car fights, pushing their vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) systems to the limits while the frightened couples locked inside watch helplessly and…

Say, why don’t we drive over to that dark and quiet spot that I know?