Any European marketing manager addressing highly technical audience, should consider participating in the one-and-a-half day workshop led by Rebecca Geier. Geier, a well-known American marketing specialist with 25 years of global marketing experience in engineering and scientific markets, will be coming to Europe in June. During her Smart Marketing for Engineers Workshop she will present highly tangible and measurable information with which to organize smart marketing targeted at any technical audience.

Rebecca Geier will come to Europe on behalf of Elektor. Her Elektor Tour in Europe is dubbed the Smart Marketing for Engineers Workshop Tour. The Tour consists of workshops in Berlin, Munich, Aachen and Eindhoven, all in June 2017 (Munich 12/13 June, Berlin 15/16, Aachen 19/20 and Eindhoven 22/23).
What kind of questions and answers will Geier bring to the fore? She will zoom in on the choices each marketing manager of a technology oriented company has to make when spending marketing euros or marketing dollars. What to do in order to give your company more online exposure? Is SEO really worthwhile and if so, how does one optimize SEO? Would creating more online content be the answer? What are the do’s and don’ts when addressing engineers, product developers and/or scientists? How do you measure marketing ROI?
Geier, like any engineer, does not like to hide behind ‘management speak’. That is why she confidently states that, after participating in the workshop, some concrete insights will present themselves. One of them is a prioritized plan for marketing investments. She is also pretty sure that any participant will get a clear picture of its buyer personas after attending the workshop. In addition, specific content themes will become available during the workshop, as do relevant keywords.
Geier is named by the Wall Street Journal among the Ten Most Innovative Entrepeneurs in America. She is also author of the book Smart Marketing for Engineers: An Inbound Guide to Reaching Technical Audiences (2016).
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