Elektor Business Edition "Industry 4.0 and Automation"

Elektor Business Edition "Industry 4.0 and Automation"
Elektor Business Edition "Industry 4.0 and Automation"
Elektor Business Edition (EBE) issue 2/2018 will have a strong focus on “Industry 4.0 and Automation” and is the perfect publication to promote your company’s services and products in these areas.

The editorial space of this edition accommodates for an in-depth article describing just why your product stands out in the vast market presented by Industry 4.0. We are ready to process engineering information into a smooth presentation on paper and online so no matter if you are a start-up or an established company; do not hesitate to book your space in this edition.

Make sure you are not left out! Through the medium of our magazine which already enjoys 35,000 paying subscribers, your product marketing will quickly reap the benefits of our extensive network by targeting your customers worldwide.

We look forward to receiving your editorial contributions themed on “Industry 4.0 and Automation” which we will gladly forward to our editorial team for evaluation.

Advertising deadline: 15th March 2018

Would your product or services also benefit from inclusion in other themed editions?

Here is an overview of the upcoming EBE themes for 2018:
Edition Theme  Advert deadline 
3/2018, June  Sensors & Measurements 17.05.18
4/2018, July Automotive 14.06.18
5/2018, September Microcontrollers & Programming  23.08.18
6/2018, November electronica 2018 Munich 09.10.18
We will be happy to advise you and discuss how best we can tailor our services to match your needs exactly. See below at Attachment to find all the important information at a glance.

Interested? We look forward to presenting your products and services to our enthusiastic worldwide readership – just get in touch.

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