audioXpress magazine reviews Vanderveen Trans Tube Amplifiers

September 2, 2015 | 10:06
audioXpress magazine reviews Vanderveen Trans Tube Amplifiers
audioXpress magazine reviews Vanderveen Trans Tube Amplifiers
In its August 2015 edition, audioXpress magazine published a review of Vanderveen Trans Tube Amplifiers. In this book Menno Van der Veen describes one of his research projects focusing on the question of whether full compensation for distortion in tubes and output transformers is possible. audioXpress magazine boasts a long history of critical, educational and erudite publications on audio engineering including tube amplifier design. audioXpress readers include DIY enthusiasts, product designers, consultants, integrators, and opinion leaders. Here we would like to point you to the review, written by Bill Reeve.

Exploring Vanderveen Trans Tube Amplifiers
(Review By Bill Reeve)

What should a reader expect from Vanderveen Trans Tube Amplifiers by Menno van der Veen? describes it as an “adventure story” recounting van der Veen’s discoveries during his research into transconductance (trans) tube amplifiers, and implies the book will present designs “suitable for hobbyist construction.” The back cover declares that in Trans Tube Amplifiers, van der Veen describes how—while researching transconductance amplifier design—he developed the “Transie 1” and “Transie 2,” which are both sweet-sounding, DC-coupled single-ended amplifiers, and eventually “struck gold” with the Vanderveen Trans 30.

Before we crack open Vanderveen Trans Tube Amplifiers and decide for ourselves, let’s talk a little about Menno van der Veen’s background and his accomplishments to date. More than 30 years ago, van der Veen combined the technical background he gained from his university degree in physics and electronics with his love of high-fidelity audio to develop high-performance toroidal output transformers for vacuum tube amplifiers. These have been available from several manufacturers for many years, and they truly are of the highest quality—both in manufacture and performance.

He has studied, developed, and built vacuum tube audio amplifiers for even longer, and has published hundreds of papers on the subject. Probably his best-known work is his book, Modern High End Valve Amplifiers (Elektor, 1999). In 1986, van der Veen formed his research and development consulting company, and in 2006 he established the Dutch TubeSociety school to teach audio amplifier design. Clearly, van der Veen has the knowledge and experience to be an authority on performance improvements to vacuum tube (and hybrid solidstate/vacuum tube) audio amplifiers.

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