Car Suspension Could Generate Electricity

June 9, 2010 | 13:38
Car Suspension Could Generate Electricity
Car Suspension Could Generate Electricity
To make driving cars and trucks more energy efficient, US based company Levant Power introduces a new type of suspension; one that generates electricity. Normal suspension wastes energy in the form of heat. Levant Power found a way to convert this heat back to electricity and with it power wipers, airconditioning and dashboard lights. As a result, fuel consumption should be reduced by at least 6 percent according to Shakeel Avadhany, CEO of Levant Power. GenShocks, as the suspension system is called, will cost a little more than conventional suspension but this money is earned back quick when driving. Levant Power is expects to launch the product in early 2011.

Levant Power was founded in early 2008 by a group of MIT engineers to address a critical market need. The company has developed and patented a breakthrough green technology that can increase a vehicle's fuel economy by harvesting wasted energy in the suspension, while improving ride quality.

Via Elektor (.de)

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