Electric Paint? Uh… like 'conductive'?

March 14, 2018 | 10:00
What you can do with Electric Paint?Yes, electrically conductive paint, non-toxic, water based, and water soluble. That's all it is! It might not be the best material to use for traditional circuits. But this paint or ink is perfect for creative work, in designs operating with low DC voltages at low currents and tolerating some resistivity. It is perfect for creative people and for the classroom (no soldering required!).

What you can do with Electric Paint?

On a wide variety of substrates, even textile, you’ll paint resistive elements or capacitive electrodes in gestures as simple and easy as drawing on paper. The result will be both functional and looking cool.
Electric Paint works as an effective conductive adhesive, on most fabrics.
You can mix it with traditional conductors, use it to terminate a conductive thread and connect it to a microcontroller. Your next project could be a 'Talking Cushion' or an interactive 'Finger Puppet'!
Dispense a thin bead of paint, let it dry for about 15 minutes, and ready you are!
The viscous nature of the material makes it easy to apply and manipulate. It can also be applied using screen printing equipment.
It is black in colour and can be over-painted with any material compatible with a water-based paint.

Two kits are available: 
1. The Touch Board Pro Kit includes what you need to make everything from interactive wallpaper, innovative musical instruments to talking murals. The Touch Board, the Electric Paint and all tools and resources you need to prototype your projects are included.
2. With the Electric Paint Lamp Kit you can transform any piece of paper into a touch-sensitive lamp with Electric Paint! Make three paper lamps with no tools, no programming, no special skills required. Paint, plug, and play!

Electric Paint is easy to use and makes a perfect gift.

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