IEC Connector with Power Supply Incorporated

December 9, 2019 | 10:08
Connector, filter and 5W PSU all in one. Image Recom
Connector, filter and 5W PSU all in one. Image Recom
Recom has introduced a range of insulated panel-mounted power sockets which feature an integrated line filter and 5 W switching power supply. They are the size of a standard C14 mains filter housing and provide a single-component solution with mains connection and power supply incorporated for systems running small single-board computers such as Arduino, BBC Micro:bit or Raspberry Pi (including its touchscreen).
Recom already supply switched-mode power supplies rated from 0.25 to 960 W. The new RAC05-K/C14 series of 5-W insulated power supplies are designed for use in industrial applications and are available in five versions with an output voltage of 3.3, 5, 12, 15 or 24 V.
The input voltage range extends from 85 to 264 V AC operating at efficiency levels of 78 to 86%. The power supplies provide an isolated and touch-safe extra-low voltage to directly power small electronics modules. In addition, they are protected against short circuit, overload and overvoltage.
The 5W power supply is so small that it fits into a standard C14 mains filter housing with standard IEC mounting hole. The metal housing provides secure mechanical mounting which serves to effectively dissipate the heat generated. This gives the unit an operating temperature range of -40 to 60 ° C without derating. The power consumption no-load is only 75 mW. The power supplies are CE and EN / IEC / UL certified.
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