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Andi watch

Status: Proposal
August 12, 2018 , Latest update: December 23, 2018
A clock with GPS movement.

From the GPS signal you can receive data of the year, month, day, hour, minutes and seconds.

This GPS-controlled clock will always have an exact date, coming from the atomic clock on board the satellite.

When a traveler changes time zone the clock will set the time automatically.

Using this data the tidal movements and moon phases can be calculated (as well as many other interesting data for the user).

This device will have temperature, brightness, pulse, and oximeter sensors to monitor the user's physical activity or sleep quality.

Also, the user can create their own applications for the clock, so the possibilities are endless: reminders to drink water, warnings of heart overexertion, heat stroke prevention, detection of respiratory problems and more.

No Android, Tizen, SailFish or iOS. The clock will have an RTOS to run the critical applications. Safety, stability and fault tolerance first.

It is the perfect watch for entrepreneurs who travel a lot or ocean researchers, surfers or fishermen, sportsmen or simply people like you.
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