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Bedroom clock with out side temperature based on ESP32

Status: In progress
March 31, 2018 , Latest update: March 31, 2018
Some years ago I bought 4 large 7-segment display  SA40-19SRWA and now I found the best controller ESP32 to get the time from NTP and the temperature via MQTT from my home automation server. So I build a system with 3 components:

1. Sensor modul based on ESP32 and DHT22 sensor.

2. HAS home automation server based on RaspberryPi and MQTT.

3. 4 digit display with large 7 segment modules and ESP32.

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Display Temperature
Display Time
Schematics Board
Schematics Display
Prototype (first)
Prototype V2
Display (
Node-RED Display (Desktop)
Node-RED Display (Smartphone)
Sensor Prototype

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