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Worldwide Start-up Competition

After two great successes on the electronica trade show, Messe Munich and Elektor are proud to present the latest Edition of their Global Start-up Event: productronica Fast Forward - the start-up platform powered by Elektor.

Through productronica Fast Forward- the start-up platform powered by Elektor, contestants have a chance to present their innovations to more than 250,000 Elektor community members, as well as 45,000 estimated attendees who will visit productronica 2019 in Munich (12–15 November 2019).
The productronica Fast Forward Competition
Bringing a product to market is not easy. You need more than a great design. You need to raise capital, find partners, reach potential customers, and execute a marketing plan. productronica Fast Forward - the start-up platform powered by Elektor provides you with a chance to present your innovation to the worldwide electronics community. productronica 2019 attendees can visit the productronica Accelarating Talents /productronica Fast Forward booth all week to meet the finalists, attend presentations, listen to lectures, and get inspired. More information

The short and firm byline of this year’s productronica trade exhibition in Munich is “Accelerating Innovation”, so apart from the Bierstuben there’s no better place to go than the Elektor / productronica 2019 Fast Forward Award (FFA, Hall B2 Booth 472) event. Start-ups are true innovators, explorer, out-of-the-box thinkers, disrupters … whatever you call them, the ones you can meet and interview at the 2019 FFA show floor are the best of the crop. All passed a lengthy selection process and are now ready to pitch their innovations and enthusiasm to the ever critical productronica audience, a three-headed monster called The Jury, and the odd camera. FFA is part of the fantastic Accelerating Talents platform organized by Messe München, which Elektor is grateful to exploit for putting eight fantastic start-ups in the spotlight.

The finalists

Touchless Automation GmbH
Producers of innovative industrial equipment that can manipulate parts of any material, without touching them.
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Next Industries SRL
Tactigon Skin (T-Skin) is a gesture controller designed with innovative form factor, able to accurately recognize several gestures.
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Electronic assembly revolutionized by using 3D manufacturing. High frequency, miniaturization or rapid prototyping.
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The Human Interface Mate provides the employee with real­time picking and assembly instructions through Augmented Reality and warns in case of any error in a forward­looking manner. The smart sensor validates correct execution of picking and assembly tasks and ensures qualitative performance by preventing human errors.
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robodev GmbH
Makers of a modular automation solution you can set up and program in a simple way. It enables your employees in production or assembly to implement applications, even for small batch sizes or short product life cycles.
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Simplifiers of strategic sourcing & supplier management for complex projects/services (engineering, IT, marketing, etc.) to empower cross-border collaboration and unleash innovation.
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Contunity GmbH
Enablers of electronics engineering at the touch of a button. Stay ahead by decreasing development time and effort by 90%. Reduce know-how barriers. Collaborate across sites, projects and time.
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Meta Smart Factory
In anytime, anywhere you can monitor and manage your factory with Meta Smart Factory in your hands.
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Get involved: Visit Hall B2, Booth 472

Don’t miss productronica Fast Forward 2019. We wish all the finalist’s good luck, and we thank the sponsors: Distrelec, kurtz ersa, Almit, Weller and Bernstein.