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DALI Power LED Driver

Status: Proposal
August 28, 2014

Board for driving (up to) 3 power LEDs according to the European Digital Adressable Lighting Interface (DALI) Standard, with a low power design. The board contains:

  • A 12V-3.3V regulator (to power the microcontroller)
  • A 1.5A Constant Current Buck Regulator for Driving High Power LEDs (LM3406 - Texas Instruments)
  • A 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller (LPC812M101JD20 - NXP), to control the LED driver
  • A DALI interface, serving as a mediator (translating) between the 12V DALI signal from the external world and the signal to the microcontroller (based on this Freescale file: )
  • 2 Luxeon Rebel power LEDs (can drive up to three). The microcontroller can be programmed to receive DALI signals from the DALI interface and interpret them, sending a correct control signal to the LED driver (e.g. interprets a DALI signal and sends a PWM signal to dim the lights).

Still needed:

Connections between the microcontroller and the LED driver

The microcontroller needs to be programmed

A DALI master UNIT



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