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Elektor Home Control

Status: Finished
July 3, 2012
2012-05-24 10.25.05.jpg

The Elektor Home Control is a home automation system that works through your existing ethernet network.

All the modules run on a pic microcontroller, running the microchip TCP/IP stack. Every module is connected to a beagleboard, which doubles as a server and user interface. The beagleboard runs a modified version of Ubuntu Linux, on which python and pygtk provide the interface.

We developed 4 different modules:

  • IO Board. For testing purposes
  • Ledstrip board. For controlling a RGB Ledstrip
  • Relay board. For switching 230 VAC devices.
  • Energy meter. For measuring if a device is turned on or not(also for logging)

The IO board has 4 digital in and outputs and 2 230VAC rated in and outputs. 

The relay board has 4 relays build onto it. It also features a special power supply, which transforms the 230VAC to a more suitable 5VDC. This way you don't need to use an extra power supply when using it.

Below is a video in which Koen explains in more detail what this project tries to achieve.

Project files including software and PCB designs can be downloaded right below this article.

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    Zip with all the software. Please only run on linux and be careful with the symlinks!
  • Fileslist icon
    My internship report. It has a lot of info about the software running on the beagleboard.

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