With the Elektor.Labs Proto Board (ELPB) prototyping boards finally enter the 21st century. Instead of being optimized for old school logic circuits, the ELPB is aimed at modern microcontroller-based circuits. The ELPB is compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi v2, it can be powered from USB or from a wall wart and it has four SMD prototyping areas compatible with SOIC and SOT23 devices. ELPB boards are stackable. Fast wiring is ensured by Elektor.Labs SmartGrid®TM© Technology with vertical traces on the top side and horizontal traces on the bottom.

Please let us know what you think of our new Proto Board on: http://www.elektor.com/elpb-ng

Bundel of 5 ELPB-NG PCBs for € 24,95 available in our shop !