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ESP32 GPS Car Logger

Status: Proposal
February 1, 2018 , Latest update: March 18, 2018
Goal of this project is to get a complete log of where my car was, how far it went, how fast it went, and so on...

It started out as an idea to track some of my activities. Some smaller ideas were done in the past, like tracking my coffee consume or my expenses.

So naturally I figured it was time to step up my data tracking game. That's how this project came to live. Following goals I defined (together with my brother):

    - Get GPS Coordinates (longitude / latitude / altitude / time) whenever the car is started / moving
    - Write everything on an SD card attached to the main controller
    - Provide access to those logs via WiFi (Http or Ftp)
    - Show position via LCD or OLED display
    - Don't mess up my cars battery / burn my car
With these points in mind my first prototype around an ESP32dev board was created. It had an ESP32 as it's core component, an OLED Display connected via i2c interface, a GPS antenna (GY-NEO6M) connected via UART and a step-down converter to transform the 12V car battery voltage down to 3.3V for the ESP.

With the next update I'll go on about the first prototype (hardware) and some of the design flaws it had. Furthermore I'll go over the current status of the project, the software and some of the design decisions made.
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