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Status: Proposal
March 21, 2018 , Latest update: March 21, 2018
Synchronised LED wearables use ESPNow beacons to synchronise colors whenever they get near each other. When many of these are around they form groups of matching colours, whenever a new member jins the group will syncronise to a new color.

This effect helps one to "find your clan" at large area festivals such as Burning man or its regionals ( Afrikaburn or Midburn ) as well as other similarly sized outdoor festivals that have a large nighttime component.

LEDs are covered in Faux Fur to diffuse and soften the harsh LED direct light.

The initial Wearables were based n ESP32, but ESP8266 can also be used if care is taken with timing contraints imposed by the single core esp8266 and blocking loops for LED writing.
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