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Donnie W. Agema

Internet of Thugs Detektor

Status: Proposal
January 22, 2018
The ESP32-PICO-KIT will be used to control various RF antennae driver circuits.  The processors will be programmed to rapidly sweep the DAC through pre-programmed, known RFID frequencies as well as optionally programmed additional frequencies or frequency ranges to support detection of RFID tags of unknown frequency sensitivity.  Immediately following each RF frequency pulse, the previously energized antenna is monitored for the presence of any response energy fed to the ADC, and the results recorded and collected.  The collected responsed are analyzed and will trigger an alarm signal if a significant response is identified. In addition to built-in antennae for known RFID frequencies, terminals are provided for attaching additional external antennae if required.  The unit will be hand-held and battery powered to allow easy scanning of clothing etc.  In addition to the ESP32-PICO-KIT, there will be a number of amplifier and filter circuits for driving the antennae  pulses and responses.
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