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Recorder-like Electronic Musical Instrument : The Handset

Status: Proposal
August 25, 2017
Some years ago, as a trumpet and recorder player, I dreamed of an electronic musical wind instrument which would allow to play music as easily as it can be with a soprano recorder but with all the advantages of electronic sound synthesis but that was a huge software development beyond my possibilities.

I recently discovered MJ Bauer's impressive job about its "Recorder Like Musical Instrument", or REMI (

He did a very considerable software development, including Sound Synthesis, MIDI communication and complete user interface on a PIC32 microcontroller. However, its development boards based design deserved to go one step further with custom boards to improve user experience and simplify reproduceability. I got in contact with him and suggested to go for a collaborative development where I'd carry all hardware work.

This handset is the result of many e-mails discussions and we are proud to present the first drawings.

Handset features: 

10 capacitive keys for tones playback,
Analog Air pressure sensor for real wind playing,
Analog Force pressure sensor for versatile effects such as vibrato or pitch bend,
Haptic effects (Vibration motor and full featured driver)
7 segments display for intrument preset selection,
Integrated Lithium battery and USB charging,
Low latency RF communication with controller module based on 802.15.4 stack,
Powerful Atmel ARM microcontroller with integrated Peripheral Touch Controller
Ergonomic 3D printed enclosure with integrated wind circuit

Job status:
In development (2017-08)

2017-08-25 :
3D drawing is completed.
Prototype schematics completed, Layout completed, Prototype board realisation in progress.
Software development is the next big job, with the help of Michael on RF module driver and motor driver.

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