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Smart shopping cart

Status: Proposal
August 22, 2018
In the current rush world, people tend to waste time by waiting behind queues, in the markets. And also, people often need to keep the track of the price and total amount of the products being bought.
The solution will be smart shopping carts, that will track every product introduced in the cart, then the shopping cart content and details will be shown in a smartphone app. That will be linked to the cart using NFC tags.
The base product will be the shopping cart, that will use NFC tags to linked the cart to the user, the wifi module to send the cart content to a server that will handle user information, and any product related information.
This cart could use other technologies, like 3d sensors, accelerometer and others, to keep track of the environment, and develop power management of the cart.
Will be possible to extend the product to automatize the checkout process, by implementing methods of double checking the cart content, to increase the security, and attached to a billing system
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