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Universal power supply with switched mode modules [150464]

Status: Finished
August 19, 2015
Top view PCB 150464-1 v1.1_small.jpg
Originally designed as a more compact power supply for our 10 MHz DDS Function Generator the PCB can also be used with different modules for other applications. The single supply voltage output (K3) is directly connected to the input through a step down converter module from Recom.
The symmetrical power supply output is generated by a DC/DC-converter module with isolated outputs. This way the single supply is galvanic isolated from the symmetrical power supply. This module has a industry standard footprint. Although there are some minute differences in dimensions between manufacturers like Recom and Traco. A 6 W version will also fit.
A cheap notebook adapter can be used as an input source. Input voltage should be between 19 and 28 V with the present modules used. In case the circuit is used inside another device the input voltage can also be applied to terminal block K2. To prevent two voltage sources being connected the terminal block can only be used if no connecter is plugged into DC barrel jack K1. If K1 isn't mounted a wire should be soldered between pin 2 and 3.
A first prototype is yet to be build and tested.
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Schematic of the Universal Power Supply (150464-1 v1.0)
Topoverlay of the single sided PCB with copper bottom visible
Copper on the bottom side

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